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Family law

Family law

Naturally the field of Family Law is complex and highly sensitive. The stakes are never higher when the welfare of children and hard-won personal assets are on the line. Always front of mind for Mahoneys' Family Law team is ensuring that the negative impact of separation or divorce is kept to a minimum.


When there are emotions involved, tensions can run high and its a stressful time for all parties. Experience has shown our lawyers time and time again that the smoothest process for navigating the minefield of family law is through a combination of:

  • Properly prepared asset protection methods (for example, having air-tight financial agreements in place)
  • Identifying your needs and objectives from the outset
  • Remembering to focus on the bigger picture, rather than wasting time and resources on ‘winning’ minor, short-term arguments
  • Encouraging dispute resolution methods at an early stage and court only as a last resort.

Your Mahoneys representative will only recommend litigation when all else has failed. Rest assured, though, that when litigation is decided upon, we will pursue it in an efficient and relentless manner to ensure your interests and entitlements are protected.

Mahoneys’ collective expertise covers all areas of family law, including:
  • Financial Agreements

    Our family lawyers can draft new Agreements, amend existing ones and examine those in dispute with a practised eye.

  • Divorce proceedings

    We handle the legalities of a marriage dissolution with the utmost care and sensitivity, ensuring you're aware of your entitlements and your best interests are looked after.

  • Property Settlement

    The team dispenses up-to-date advice in line with changing laws and drafts all the necessary documentation for a smooth settlement.

  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

    We will always advise our clients to pursue the more cost-effective, less emotionally fraught options available to them.

  • Spousal Maintenance

    Your legal right to fair and sufficient payments will be upheld with a Mahoneys lawyer in your corner.

  • Parenting Disputes

    Negotiating custody issues is far less traumatic when you have well-informed advice and support.

  • International Child Abduction

    In these sad cases, our lawyers leave no stone unturned to help bring your child home to you.

  • Child Support

    What's best for the children is always paramount, and our lawyers do everything in their power to make sure payments are fair and sufficient according to your circumstances.

  • Domestic Violence

    Support for you and advice on your rights and options, whether dealing with the victim or the accused.

The Family Law team at Mahoneys often post articles about
common issues in this space. To see if any apply to your
situation, view our  past articles archive here. 

Contact Mahoneys Family Law Special Counsel Marek Reardon for more information or complete our contact form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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