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Bankruptcy: Equitable interests in the matrimonial home

By: Mitchell Downes
18 March 2020

Practitioners in bankruptcy often encounter estates where the matrimonial home is owned by the non-bankrupt spouse. There are circumstances in which a court will declare



What an affidavit is and how is one taken?

By: John Forde
1 November 2017

An affidavit is the evidence of a witness in written form. It is a document that is sworn on oath or affirmed and made before a person who is authorised to take an oath o...


What is accessorial liability?

By: Mitchell Downes
19 May 2017

Accessorial liability in the civil context goes back (at least) as far as Selbourne LC’s speech in Barnes v Addy (1874) LR 9 Ch App 244: [S]trangers are not to be m...