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Implications for business when Australia implements APEC’s Cross Border Privacy Rules System next year

By: Mahoneys
18 December 2018

After consultation with business and stakeholders, the Australian Government recently applied to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation economic forum (APEC) to participat...


Unpacking recent changes to Australia’s IP legislation

By: Rhys Williamson
22 November 2018

Recent changes to Australia’s intellectual property legislation reflect some of the recommendations made by the Productivity Commission in 2016. This article explores h...


Franchise agreements, trade marks and Australian consumer law

By: Mahoneys
26 July 2018

A franchise is a business arrangement that allows a person to operate under the name of an already established business. A recent dispute involved an International Restau...



Unfair contract terms outlawed when dealing with small business

By: Mahoneys
29 September 2016

On Saturday 12 November 2016, a new law will come into effect. One that prohibits unfair contract terms in standard form contracts when dealing with small business. It wi...