Body Corporate Parking Issues

6 June 2022

Recently Mahoneys Partner Todd Garsden joined Will Marquand (Tower Body Corporate) and Nikki Jovicic (LookUpStrata) to discuss body corporate parking problems.

Whilst the legal framework, and supporting rules, are straight forward it is complicated by individuals who don’t accept or follow the rules.

The focus of the webinar was about providing creative solutions to parking problems in bodies corporate. Some of the topics discussed included:

  • What’s the definition of a visitor?
  • Can you turn common property into a parking space?
  • Can visitor parking be restricted?
  • Is towing an option?
  • What software packages are available to assist with parking issues?
  • Solutions that are working.

A copy of the recording can be found here.

Thank you Nikki, LookUpStrata and Will for making the webinar possible.