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At Mahoneys, we approach insolvency with a commitment to delivering sound technical expertise coupled with practical commercial advice. Insolvency is a complex area of law where effective strategies are essential to achieve optimum outcomes for our clients. Mahoneys’ specialist litigation team has worked with and against insolvency practitioners in a range of insolvency actions – both small and large.

Insolvency areas of practice

The Mahoneys litigation team specialises in the following areas of insolvency:

  • Restructuring advice to business owners
  • Assisting receivers and secured creditors to promptly achieve maximum recovery
  • Assisting liquidators, administrators and bankruptcy trustees to claw back preference payments – including those made to the Australian Taxation Office
  • Advising creditors, company directors, landlords and others who face insolvency issues in their commercial dealings
  • Advising and assisting clients who themselves face the prospect of insolvency or bankruptcy

Our expert lawyers get straight to the crux of your insolvency matter, providing clear commercial solutions.

Prompt action to secure a favourable outcome

When dealing with insolvency, timing is crucial. We act quickly to understand everything about your situation. This enables us to quickly identify your obligations and entitlements. Armed with this information, we develop a strategy based on our strong track record of insolvency achievements.

We talk you through the relevant documentation and deliver our proposed action plan, ensuring you understand all potential outcomes and know what will happen next. Our aim, as always, is to reach an expedient and lasting solution that best serves your goals.

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