Over 100 managers attend Mahoneys event

17 December 2020

In a year of limited face to face events, we were pleased to have over 100 management rights caretakers attend our final event of the year – where we heard from industry leaders John Mahoney and Michelle Lim (Mahoneys), Lynda Kypriadakis (Diverse FMX), Mike O’Farrell (MLR Services) and Alison Sun (Accom Valuers).

Michelle explained the important difference between exercising an option and requesting a top up; John provided an example of how not to deal with a “remedial action notice” (RAN); Lynda gave us some practical tips on what leads to a RAN and how to avoid them; Mike spoke about building relationships with committees (including how to deal with hostile committees); and Alison provided an update on the impact COVID has had on valuations and multipliers.

The night concluded with an opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and network with other people in the management rights industry.

Thanks to all of the presenters for sharing their knowledge and experiences on the night.

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