Health Care Industry

Health Care Industry

Put your practice first and create an efficient and harmonious practice with advice from Mahoneys partner Antony Harrison and his team of experienced lawyers.

The team regularly assists doctors, medical practice owners and those in the health care industry with concerns around structuring, service agreements, staffing and risk management.

Mahoneys' experienced lawyers allow you to focus on your patients.

Medical practice structuring

We advise on structuring your practice, taking into account staff, property, profit sharing and liability. Weighing up the pros and cons of each option, Mahoneys will recommend structuring your practice as a:

  • Sole Trader
  • Trust (Individual Trustee)
  • Trust (Corporate Trustee)
  • Company

Mahoneys also advises those in the health care industry on:

  • Service agreements
  • Your practice
  • Bringing a partner on board
  • Considerations when buying property
  • Bringing a doctor into the practice as an equity holder vs selling your practice
  • How to protect your assets

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