An Evening With Mahoneys

20 June 2024

We recently hosted our annual “Evening with Mahoneys”. The event, specifically designed to meet the needs of our Asian clients, attracted a room full of resident managers and key stakeholders to hear from industry leaders on the importance of maintaining value through building a relationship with the owners and body corporate committees. Specifically

  • Mike O’Farrell (MLR Services) discussed how to build and maintain productive relationships;
  • Kelley Rigby (Letts Group) discussed how to maintain and increase letting income;
  • Paul Shih (PRET Australia) discussed the importance of training for newcomers;
  • Will Kenny (Mahoneys) discussed the importance of options and top-ups ; and
  • John Mahoney (Mahoneys) discussed the importance of performing the duties set out in the agreement and what to do when faced with a Remedial Action Notice.

The evening concluded with questions and the opportunity to network with members of the industry.

Thanks to all the presenters for sharing their knowledge.

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