An evening with Mahoneys

21 October 2022

We recently hosted our annual “Evening with Mahoneys” where John Mahoney provided an update on industry trends and current issues.

The event, which attracted resident managers and key stakeholders from across the industry, largely focused on the Governments review into the Management Rights Industry.

Specifically, John’s presentation covered:

  • the year in review (which saw the industry bounce back strongly post COVID);
  • some context to Government’s review into the management rights industry;
  • an update on what the industry was doing to protect the rights of resident managers;
  • his thought on what the outcome of the Government’s review would be; and
  • steps managers could take to protect their investment (including how to oppose any proposed change).

Mahoney’s has one of the largest dedicated management rights team in Australia, and has supported the management rights industry for over 20 years.

Feel free to contact us if you want further information on the Government’s review or need assistance buying, selling or managing a management rights business.