Professional services

Focused legal support for your professional services practice

Mahoneys has a strong clientele of successful professional services clients who engage us to provide set-up and compliance support, manage employee and client disputes and help them make the most of growth opportunities.

Our specialist commercial lawyers intimately understand the law as it relates to the professional services industry.

Professions we service include:

  • Accounting
  • Financial services
  • Family businesses
  • Management consulting
  • Medical
  • IT
  • Advertising
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Mining
  • Recruitment

Work with the legal team that understands your field and related legislation.

Compliance and regulatory support

We make sure our professional services clients understand and comply with the complex regulations governing their industry. From the outset, we put the right business structures in place for their businesses and keep up to date with regulatory changes that may affect them.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Providing professional services always comes with an element of risk. If you ever do find yourself in litigation or dispute generally, our litigators are here to help.

Assistance with outsourcing and sub-contracting

We can assist with the legalities around outsourcing or offshoring particular aspects of your business.

Need assistance with your professional service business?

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