Body Corporate By-Law Webinar

4 October 2023

Mahoneys’ Partner Todd Garsden recently joined Nikki Jovicic (LookUpStrata) for a strata webinar – where over 240 people tuned in to hear them discuss body corporate by-laws.

Specifically, Todd discussed:

  • what are by-laws, and where can they be found;
  • what is the difference between by-laws and house rules;
  • why are there variances between by-laws for similar schemes;
  • how can invalid by-laws be identified;
  • what is the best way to prepare and draft by-laws; and
  • how are by-laws enforced?

A copy of the webinar can be found here.

Thank you to Nikki, Liza Jovicic and LookUpStrata for organising this important session.