Optimising an experienced physician’s financial affairs

24 June 2024

Over 630 Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) members recently registered to hear Mahoneys’ Partner Antony Harrison; Julie O’Reilly, Scott Montefiore and Arash Zamansani (William Buck); and Colin Taylor (BOQ) discuss strategies experienced physicians can use to optimise their financial affairs.

The focus of the event – organised by the Professional Medical Practice (PMP) and the RACP – was on providing investment, accounting and legal strategies specifically designed to meet the needs of medical professionals.

Specifically, Antony covered some of the legal issues that need to be addressed – including the importance of protecting personal assets from business risks; the interplay between asset protection and estate planning; the common mistakes physicians make; and strategies for minimising a physician’s legal and financial risk.

A copy of the webinar titled “Optimising your financial affairs as an experienced physician” dated 15 June 2024, can be found on the RACP’s past event presentation page.

A special thank you to Tracey Handley, Suzanne Stack and Hannah Parker (RACP) and Monika Stefani (PMP) for their personal efforts in making the event a great success.

Mahoneys’ dedicated commercial team specialises in commercial, consumer and corporate law; commercial property; personal and corporate structuring; and estate and succession planning, with specific expertise on how each of those areas of law affects the medical, dental and allied health industries.

Feel free to contact Antony (who heads up Mahoneys’ medical practice group) if you have any questions about starting, owning and operating a private practice.